Let's go back to SFBC pre-historic times. On the legendary 24th September 2006 a member of the Sheffield Forum happened to open a thread on the forum website, unaware of the potential consequences. It featured this innocent but momentous post: "I want to start a regular weekly badminton club and have a few drinks after weekends or evenings. Let me know any willing /interested people. All levels, all races, all people!"


At first, we just about filled one court, but since winter 2007 the number of players started to increase rapidly. The number of messages posted on the Sheffield Forum also rocketed into the sky and the Sheffield Forum kindly gave us an own section on its website (see Sheffield Interest Groups). Today, we are around 40 - 45 people chasing shuttlecocks on 8 courts every Tuesday and Thursday. The increase in volume did not result in the group becoming less personal. Far from it! Thanks to the organisational expertise of our committee we became a less chaotic bunch (thanks, Jaap, Paul and Nish!).


Social interaction is not limited to the courts anymore because visits to the local pub after a game are now a standard item of the weekly agenda and further socials take place on a regular basis. Although the originator of the Sheffield Forum thread (see above) remains a mystery to most current players (as he only joined us for a few games at the start), he very nicely captured what we are about.


The unique thing about us is that we are a casual and friendly club which is open to anyone. There is no such thing as mandatory membership, you are not obliged to turn up every week, and you are not even required to join us to the pub (although some of us argue that that is the best part). You just need to be able to hold a racket, enjoy playing badminton and chip in a bit of money on the day!